Get Ready To Lose 4 To 7 Pounds

In The Next Two Weeks


“Just eat less and exercise more!” is what we’re told. That sounds awful. Finally, as a result of technology and a revolutionary program designed by a team of Registered Dietitians and Medical Doctors, it’s now easier than ever to live a healthy lifestyle where you’re able to naturally and effortlessly lose weight to look and feel AMAZING!

Want to try out one of the hottest, trending diets but don’t know which one or where to start?

Here, at A Strong Life, we don’t force you to choose one diet. With us, you can try one or all of the hottest trending diets, all with one low monthly subscription plan. If a diet isn’t for you, simply switch to another one! It is THAT easy!

And many more less-known diets, including many disease prevention diets!

  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Keto
  • Paleo
  • South Beach(we call it North Beach)
  • Mediterranean
  • Gluten Free
  • Autoimmune
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Detox
  • 30-Day Weight Loss

Check out ALL the meal plans available to you here!

If you’re anything like me, you try out the newest diet to lose those pounds.

But after a week or two, you come to find out a) this diet doesn’t feel good for your body, or b) it’s too hard, or c) you’re not losing any weight!

You’re frustrated

After spending money and time researching and buying all the foods for that program, you are back to square one.
Here at A Strong Life, what makes us DIFFERENT is we provide you access to multiple popular diets where you can easily swap out one for another, and offortlessly (usually!) swap out the food you already purchased to fit into your new diet’s macros! Of course ther are caveats like if you were on a Paleo diet then switched to a Vegan diet…well, the food swap won’t work.

  • Want to lose weight?
  • Hate to plan meals?
  • Hate pouring over Google trying to find out what you can eat?
  • Hate to cook?
  • Do you enjoy simple meals with simple ingredients?

At A Strong Life, we feel your pain!  

Planning meals and cooking is so time-consuming.  That’s the main reason I quit every diet I’ve tried.  

How about you?

Personalized just for you, our mission is to take all the thinking and planning out of dieting – and make it super easy for you to follow and achieve your weight loss and wellness goals!

Our app can create meals for you, or give you simple ingredients to eat together (my personal favorite).  

I’m a creature of habit – I like for my breakfast one packet of oatmeal, blueberries, almondmilk and walnuts.  Every day.  

I don’t want to have to cook a breakfast with 10 ingredients and make a mess in my kitchen!  Maybe you prefer oatmilk.  Or strawberries.  

Simply swap them out in our app and our app will automatically populate your macros to keep you on your diet, losing weight. 


The Quality Of Our Lives Depends

On the “Whole” Of Our Living.

Here at A Strong Life, we believe in the 7 Elements of Wellness, which we see most clearly visualized as a tree. Nutrition being the foundation (or as we like to say, the “trunk”) because it is THE most important element from which the rest is built upon. We are what we eat. There simply is no other element that is more critical.

Here at A Strong Life you will find the RIGHT NUTRITION you need to reach your goals, as we offer meal plans based on your personal information, your goals, your dietary preferences – all in a few clicks.

ALL Plans Are $14.95/ monthly

For All-Access to All Meal Plans and MyMoves Exercise Plans!


View Our Results!

Try our meal plans based on your personal information.

Once you input your information, your plan is displayed with options to exchange foods for preferences.




Our system automatically creates a comprehensive grocery list detailing the specific items and quantities you need for your personalized meal plan. Also available on the mobile app.


See a food or beverage in your meal plan that you don’t fancy? Simply exchange it for another item using the included food library! Also available on the mobile app.


Don’t feel like typing in all that nutritional information? Let our mobile barcode scanner do the work for you.


Not a culinary artist, not a problem! Expand your cooking skills with our included extra 70+ step-by-step recipes. Cuisines including Hawaiin, Southern, Asian, and more!


Visualize success by keeping track of your weight and measurements changes. Also available on the mobile app.


Connect your account to your smartwatch and watch those steps add up!

At A Strong Life, we offer you a variety of online nutrition and meal plans, along with the well-known diet plans.


Designed for effective weight loss that stays off! Increase your metabolism, burn more fat, and become more fit and healthy with the weight loss and wellness meal plan option.


Select one of these meal plans to enhance exercise performance or build more muscle mass. We design healthy, well balanced meal plans to support muscle building & sports performance.


Many digestive problems are connected to a toxic liver and colon. Our well-designed detoxification program along with a quality probiotic restores a healthy digestive system.

Check out ALL the meal plans available to you here.

The 7 Elements of Wellness

Spiritual Wellness

At A Strong Life, we believe that Spiritual Wellness is expanding our sense of purpose and meaning in life.

Social Wellness

At A Strong Life, we believe Social Wellness is a sense of connection, belonging and a well-developed support system.

Physical Wellness

At A Strong Life, we believe that Physical Wellness is implementing optimal physical activity. sleep and nutrition.

Occupational Wellness

At A Strong Life, we believe that Occupational Wellness is personal satisfaction and enrichment from one’s work.

Intellectual Wellness

At A Strong Life, we believe that Intellectual Wellness is recognizing creative abilities and finding ways to broaden knowledge and skills.

Emotional Wellness

At A Strong Life, we believe that Social Wellness is coping happily with life and enjoying satisfying relationships.

Environmental Wellness

At A Strong Life, we believe that Environmental Wellness is occupying a pleasant, stimulating setting that supports well-being.

To learn more about finding balance for optimal well-being and overall wellness in your everyday life, you can learn more within our 7 Elements of Wellness.


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