​”To Change Your Life, You Need to Change Your Priorities.” – John Maxwell.



​OCTOBER 23-29, 2019
The HEAL Summit features 21 Masterclass lessons from some of the world’s leading wellness experts sharing a lifetime of wisdom on how to heal yourself. It’s FREE to watch for 7 days, October 23-29. Each of this year’s lessons will help you release the habits and thought patterns that are at the root of your illness. You’ll learn from speakers like Anthony William, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Lissa Rankin, M.D., Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D., and more.


SEPTEMBER 16-22, 2019

It is well established in literature that relationships of all types throughout our lifetime impact health and well being, physically and psychologically. Research shows that most chronic diseases have lifestyle and environmental causes. Beginning in childhood, even prenatally, events and relationships shape the way in which we interact with nature and the world around us. It lays the groundwork for future health and happiness.

This journey of Love is Medicine will help you get back to who you really are so that through accepting the love around you, through practicing the self-love of self-care and self-accountability, you will heal all areas of your life.

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