How Are You Feeling

How Are You Feeling

Most people don’t know this, but one of my favorite ways to use essential oils is for emotional support. I really can’t imagine not using these considering the stress I have had in my life in recent years, they have been a life savor! I use them when stressed, anxious, tired, unfocused, sad and yes — even angry! A little forgive blend on my solar plexus (under the ribs) and my power is back on!

It’s interesting that emotions actually are ‘energy in motion’ that stick to cell receptor sites and permeate through our entire body. This is often why emotions create negative physical outcomes and impede on our entire quality of life. The good news is that essential oils that are pure and potent, like doTERRA, also ‘attach’ to cell receptor sites facilitating emotional tones leaving your body that are undesirable. What is even more powerful is when you say the emotions you want to feel while simultaneously using your sense of smell and touch to tap into new emotions.

For example. If I were wanting to shift an emotion from:

Anxious to Calm

I would apply Serenity to my belly or heart while saying, “I am calm” “everything will be okay,” or “I am at peace.” The combination of words, thoughts, scents and tones from the oils will give you a powerful shift. I use oils for emotions up to three times a day, but I also rotate often because I am a human, and I don’t stay the same from day to day! Neither do you.

Just because I want to further reinforce how powerful Essential Oils are for your emotions, I have a fantastic video that is going to open your mind to an entirely new way of shifting to a positive state.

Essential Emotions




View the Video HERE

I want to open my world to you so that you can better understand how I use Oils for emotional support.

Stuck emotion: I will use cypress, ginger or wild orange on my chest and belly or spine and say “I trust the process of life,” or “My life is flowing forward,” or “I am moving on.”

Angry emotion: I will apply forgive and put on my heart and say ‘I forgive myself, or others who have offended me,” or “I am grateful for the power I have to forgive and be content.”

Disempowered emotion: I will apply oils with citrus blends like Motivate, Cheer, Elevation or Balance to my spine, belly and especially solar plexus (power center) and say “I am in control of my destiny,” or “I am in control of my emotions,” or “I decide how I react,” or ‘I am empowered.”

Here is a wonderful chart that will help you figure out what oils you need to use for what emotions you might be having. Don’t forget Balance, Serenity, Elevation and Citrus Bliss are powerful emotional shifters as well. doTERRA’s new emotional aromatherapy kit might be just what you need to get started with empowering your emotions.

Essential Emotions







Please let me know if you have any questions. This happens to be a topic that I am extremely passionate about and it is my honor to share this with you!

PS: If you are really intrigued by this topic as I am, you might really like this book, , Emotions and Essential oils, from Aromatools.

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