Tired Of Being Sick And Tired? Try Wellness Coaching.

Tired Of Being Sick And Tired? Try Wellness Coaching.

You wouldn’t dream of driving your car if it was out of oil or never changing the oil, taking it to the mechanic only after a problem arises, so why do you do that to your body? Rather than focusing on ways to stay healthier, people often wait until they get sick to seek relief. In reality, wellness coaching could be a benefit for everyone who believes preventing a problem is far better than fixing a problem after it occurs.

What is wellness coaching?

Wellness coaching is a process that investigates all areas of your life to find ways to make you not only healthier, but more content and a better citizen of the planet, which ultimately leads to better health. We have a serious crisis in our nation. It’s called obesity and is the leading cause of preventable deaths, far surpassing smoking. There are projections, based on today’s statistics, that in less than ten years over half of Americans will be obese. Obesity plays a key role in serious conditions, such as cancer, type 2 diabetes, stroke and coronary artery disease. It also is a major contributor to arthritis of the knee and hip, which cause the need for knee and hip replacements.

The Western diet and lack of exercise are at the root of many problems.

Your body was made to move and designed to use fuel that is natural. Many of the food products on the shelves are created in labs. That explains why a large portion of the obese population also suffer from malnutrition. Exercise is also necessary to keep the body healthy, yet our lifestyle has become sedentary due to modern technology. To make staying healthy harder, each person has different needs in every area, including exercise and diet, different levels of fitness, overall health and eating restrictions. That’s where a coach can help by creating a plan to guide you to a healthier lifestyle.

We are more than just our body.

You are a combination of mind, body and spirit and also a citizen of the world. Your thoughts affect your health, just as your spiritual beliefs affect both your mental and physical body. Using your intellect to learn new things and make new friends can make life more exciting. Studies show that positive social interaction helps people live a longer and richer life. Having a belief system aids in relaxation and can help guide important decisions in life that will lead to more happiness. A strong spiritual connection can take much of the stress out of life.

  • Working in a job that is unrewarding and one that makes you hate the start of the work week, can directly affect your health and outlook on life, no matter what the income. Finding the work you were meant to do is important to your wellness. A coach can help.
  • If you feel isolated and alone, it can affect not only your mental and physical health. Social wellness is just as important as exercise and also can cause you to be more active. A wellness coach can help you discover new ways to socialize.
  • You are a citizen of the planet and a steward of the earth. By taking care of the environment, you’re also taking care of yourself. Just changing some household products for natural ones can make a difference in your health and the health of your family and pets.
  • Know that you’re important and a wellness coach is just as important for a healthy lifestyle. If you’re healthy and happy, that spreads to others whose lives you touch and gives you the energy to do more and be more than you ever thought possible.

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