What Is The Flexitarian Diet?

We focus on healthy eating and exercise at A Strong Life in Hartford, CT. What you eat affects your overall health and can be used to maximize muscle building, avoid…

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Strength Training Vs Cardio

Is it more important to do strength training or should cardio be your focus. That's actually a trick question, since you need both. You also need workouts that improve your…

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Is Turmeric Tea Healthy?

At A Strong Life in Hartford, CT, we understand that the choices you make can make a difference in your well-being, even the smallest choices. When you think about how…

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Does Stress Affect Diabetes?

If you're under stress and have diabetes, you may find it difficult to control your glucose levels. The hormones of stress interfere with it. Stress triggers the fight-or-flight response causing…

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What Is Intuitive Eating?

If we've worked with you at A Strong Life in Hartford, CT, you're aware of what intuitive eating is and know that once you learn it, you never have to…

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